Alopecia Areata Treatment Garlic

Garlic provides necessary items to our body and keeps it clean as well as healthy. So, you know garlic is a traditional ingredient used in our kitchen as it adds a strong flavour to our dish. It can also play a good for the treatment of alopecia areata.

Alopecia areata is a disease of hair. More than 6.5 million people are affected by alopecia areata( hair loss). However, treatment is needed to recover this. There are many treatments but now I will describe how to treat alopecia areata with garlic.

Alopecia Areata Treatment Garlic

Treatment with garlic done by mixing money with other ingredients, here some good helpful methods I explain to you. If you apply on home alopecia artea stop and also stop more causes regarding scalp. So, following are the methods that can help to treat alopecia areata with garlic.

Garlic oil

Garlic oil shows very effective results for the treatment of alopecia artea. You can also take out garlic oil at home. Basically this is the home remedy for alopecia areata. In which you can add garlic and any other oil like olive or coconut oil and mix it than apply the scalp and leave it overnight then again apply the next day.

This like you can also use onion , cooled green tea and almond oil etc.  for the treatment of alopecia areata

Garlic and honey

Add minced garlic and honey to a bowl and mix it well with a spoon. Then apply this paste well on your hair and scalp, then leave it  for about 20 minutes or more to get better results.after 30 min rinse it well with running water.

Garlic and ginger

Crush the garlic and ginger in a grinder and make paste. After making the paste heat it with oil. When you see paste paste colour turning into brown colour, then turn off the heat. 

After some time when I see it cooled down, then discard the pulp. Then start massage on the scalp for 15 minutes then sit it out 30 minute before washing the hair

What Are The Benefits Of Garlic Regarding Hair?

  1. Garlic has antibacterial properties that can help to kill germs and bacteria, which are responsible for causing damage to the scalp, or further inhibiting alopecia artea (hair loss).
  2. Garlic helps to treat scalp issues like dandruff and helps to remove it.
  3. Garlic help to improve the circulation of blood on the scalp